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U4FIFA: FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Wishlist

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Remove position change cards and have players get full chemistry for positions listed in their player descriptions. This would be more realistic. For example, players who can play on both wings could swap sides without waiting for an IF in the opposite position. Mascherano could play at either CB or CDM. Because I personally find it ridiculous that I can make Nemanja Matic a striker with no detriment to my chemistry but I can’t move Marco Reus to a CAM or LM, nor play CAMs on the wings (Isco, James, Di Maria, KDB).


Make player fitness more realistic. Because really, in a ten match stretch, how often do you see top professionals given a rest barring injury or a match against a significantly inferior opponent? At most 2 games for most outfield players, and that’s a very generous two games in most cases. I can’t seeing Barca dropping MSN or Real dropping Ronaldo except in the aforementioned conditions. And in the case of spine players like CBs, they’re almost never rested. I find ridiculous I’m required to use fitness cards rest players every 2-3 games until they’ll get injured. It should be more like 7-8 games.

Changes to player instructions/custom tactics. I find it frustrating how difficult it is to make changes to how my team plays. Ultimate team should incorporate a formations menu similar to that in career mode, including screens to set and SAVE team tactics and provide greater depth to player instructions. I would also love to be able to tweak default position, provided that it’s reasonable. I would also like to be able to add some customization to set pieces, because I’m tired of Marco Verratti making my near post runs on a corner just because I have him positioned at CDM. Selecting a Vice Captain would be a nice touch as well.

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