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Reviews: U4FIFA FIFA 17 Coins

I’m a german buyer & i can say U4FIFA is your best choice to buy FIFA 17 Coins! Safe & very fast trade! :D It’s not my first time buying gil from U4FIFA & it will be not the last time! Thank you very much, great service!♥

I was honestly scared when I first went through this process, having never bought FIFA 17 coins before; but there was absolutely no need for me to be worried. My gold was delivered quickly (within 15 mins), after a secure payment through paypal. U4FIFA deserves their reputation as a secure and reliable service and I will definitely be going to them if I ever want to buy any more coins for my games again.


They are fast, kind, and have competitive pricing compared to other sellers. They also are not afraid to tell the truth, if they do not have stock, they will tell you. Other sellers will lie and say they do and then say “the supplier is offline please wait another day”. Sometimes other websites can take up to 4 days which is unacceptable! U4FIFA does not do any of that. They always deliver within 10 mins of the order if its in stock. They are simply awesome

I have used U4FIFA faithfully now for over a year. In that time I’ve spent at LEAST $1000.00 on their FIFA 16 Coins and FIFA 17 Coins. I guarantee and cannot overstate how incredible their service is. The longest I’ve ever had to wait for my gold is 10 minutes and that was a rather substantial order. In that year I’ve NEVER been banned received any other negative repercussions. If you’re considering using an RMT service please don’t go anywhere else because you’ve found the best and safest source for in-game currencies.


I have been purchasing coins via U4FIFA for three months now and have never had any issues. The longest I have had to wait was 20 minutes and their trades always take less than 5 minutes no matter how much you purchase. Their team is courteous and I will continue to purchase from them in the future! Would 100% recommend their services to anyone.

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